Angkor 7.3

Enter the world of Angkor and the golden age to collect gems
7.3.19 (See all)

Angkor game is a great puzzle and challenge where the main objective is to swap adjacent gems in order to make matches of three or more identical pieces and clear all the board before time is up. Each gem is placed on some stones, you must clear every stone of the board to reach new levels. Collect as many gems as you can to get extra bonus points. In this game you can play Classic mode without time limit, or timeless where the time will trap you if you don't reach your goal fast. Each level of this game increases the number of tiles and the time challenge. Each board will bring new forms so the challenge to set groups will get more interesting. This game allows you to play, to set options like music, volume and full screen and to exit the game. Playing is very easy; in order to move all you need is your mouse, move your mouse over the tile of your selection, press left mouse button, move to an adjacent tile and press left mouse button again to swap the tiles. The game will introduce you with the rules and will show you how to play.

Birgilio Rivera
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